Tag Questions

Educall Language Academy

We use tag questions (or question tags) when we turn a statement into a question.

-Positive sentences with negative tags

with verb ‘be’

She is Italian, isn't she?

There are many students in the classroom, aren't there?

Itwas cold yesterday, isn't it?

with auxiliary verbs

They live in London, don’t they? (Present Simple)

We are working tomorrow, aren’t we? (Present Continuous)

He went to the party last night, didn’t he? (Past Simple)

We were waiting at the station, weren’t we? (Past Continuous)

They have been to Japan, haven’t they? (Present Perfect)

She has been studying a lot recently, hasn’t she? (Present Perfect Continuous)

He had forgotten his wallet, hadn’t he? (Past Perfect)

She will come at six, won’t she? (Future simple)

They'll be arriving soon, won't they? (Future continuous)

They'll have finished before nine, won't they? (Future Pefect)


He can help, can’t he?

John must stay, mustn’t he?



      She is a doctor, isn’t she?                                                                                We will eat pizza, won’t we?


-Negative sentences with positive tags


with verb ‘be’

We aren’t late, are we?

There isn’t any milk in the fridge, is there?

She wasn’t at home yesterday, was she?           

with auxiliary verbs

He doesn’t have any children, does he? (Present Simple)

The bus isn’t coming, is it? (Present Continuous)

They didn’t go out last Saturday, did they? (Past Simple)

You weren’t sleeping, were you? (Past Continuous)

She hasn’t eaten all the cake, has she? (Present Perfect)

He hasn’t been running in this wather, has he? (Present Perfect Continuous)

We hadn’t been to London before, had we? (Past Perfect)

They won’t be late, will they? (Future simple)

He won’t be studying tonight, will he? (Future continuous)

She won’t have left work before six, will she? (Future Pefect)


She can’t speak Arabic, can she?

They mustn’t come early, must they?



     They can’t have a party, can they?                                                           This is not you bag, is it?