-Commonly Confused Words (2)-

Words that sound alike or look alike often confuse students, especially those using spell checkers. This lengthy list of commonly confused words with simple definitions will help you decide which spelling fits your sentence.

a lot: a quantity; many of something

allot: to divide or portion out 


angel: supernatural being, good person

angle: shape made by joining 2 straight lines 


are: plural form of "to be" 

our: plural form of "my" 


accent: pronunciation common to a region

ascent: the act of rising or climbing


assistance: help

assistants: helpers


bare: nude, unadorned

bear: to carry; an animal 


beside: close to; next to

besides: except for; in addition 


boar: a wild male pig

bore: to drill a hole through 


board: piece of wood

bored: uninterested 


born: brought into life

borne: past participle of "to bear" (carry) 


breath: air taken in (noun)

breathe: to take in air (verb)