Mesmerization vs Memorization

Like your job, learning a new language is about loving it. If you do not love it, you will have to double or triple your efforts. When you begin to enjoy English, you will smoothly transit from a beginner to a well-versed English speaker. Speaking the English language involves intonation. The rhythm of your words is important for any hearers to understand you.

Have you ever noticed the difference between asking a question and making a statement? Did you notice how the tone of your voice go upwards and downwards according to your emotions and how you would like to bring that forward? Listening to music, as you know, aids your ability to speak well by capturing the rhythm of the lyrics imprinted in your mind.

The human brain registers lyrics from melodies better than plain, old memorizing vocabularies. How often you fall asleep or laze around after a few minutes of studying the dictionary! But when it comes to music, how awake you suddenly feel yourself and how attentive you are to the theme song. That is mesmerization!

Mesmerization and memorization are two peculiar words every English learners ought to remember. Memorization is what goes into your memory chip and blandly remains there until you utilize it with dullness where as mesmerize means to have your whole attention caught up in that one thing – Sentiment! Mesmerization is all about your emotions and feelings. When you are happy, your words are different; your voice is lighter and livelier. On the contrary, when you are not, you have a lower tone and solemnity in your voice. These are intonation and rhythm! These are the most important keys when speaking English.

When English becomes mesmerizing to you, you become more attentive. English becomes more of an entertainment and an attraction. With that adrenaline, your brain aim to please yourself to feed this desire of yours therefore the receptacles are more sensitive and more active to respond to your pleasures.

You may ask, where am I going to get this excitement to learn English? The answer again is as easy as eating a pie, do what you have always loved. If you are a fan of a football club, read about them in English, simple as that; or you like to spend time with your kids, teach them English and in the meantime, when your children begin to ask you why, why, why? Their questions will assuredly challenge you to educate yourself in the English proficiency and then, you will impart the knowledge to them. Perhaps, you would like to relax and not do much for a change. Indeed, I have a simple suggestion and possibly a great solution to your needs: Simply go to the next blog post and you will find my piece of advice!