-Creatures of the Sea-

 There are many animals and creatures in the ocean and the sea. Some are big and others very small, and they usually come in a variety of colors and shapes. Let’s test your knowledge of sea creatures in English and maybe even learn a few new ones. See if you can guess the name of the animal from the description and unscramble the word.

  1. This animal is one of the most dangerous creatures in the ocean. They have very sharp teeth and can smell blood in the water from far distances. Can you guess the animal? hrsak
  2. This creature has eight legs covered with suckers. They can also sometimes change their color and blend in with the environment. Can you guess this creature? cpsutoo
  3. This creature looks similar to a snake, but flat and smooth. Some of them are electric. Can you guess the creature? ele
  4. This creature is usually bright red, but comes in many sizes. They have two large claws and can only walk left or right. Some people like to eat them for dinner. Can you guess the animal? Rbca
  5. Some say this creature looks like a tiny horse. These creatures are very small. Within their species the male animal gets pregnant and carries the babies until they are born. Can you guess the animal? hsraeeos
  6. This animal is one of the more friendly animals in the water. They are usually gray colored with fins on the top and sides of its body.  Their tails move up and down to move in the water. The sounds it makes are usually high pitched squeaks. Can you guess this creature? ilopdhn
  7. One of the smaller creatures of the sea. This creature can have five or more arms, which also have suckers. They usually float along the bottom of the ocean and have no eyes. Can you guess this creature? fstihrsa
  8. This creature is the largest animal on Earth. Their hearts are so big that you could crawl inside of them. They breathe air and spout water out of a hole on top of their heads. They make very deep sounds. Can you guess the creature? ehlwa
  9. This creature is one of the most common animals in the water. They are eaten by people all the time. They sometimes have very beautiful and colorful scales. People like to catch them with a hook and wire. Can you guess the creature? hfsi
  10. This creature can be red or blue and has a hard outer shell. They also have two large claws and are eaten with butter sometimes. They have a small, long body that can be the size of half your arm. Can you guess the creature? slbroet