-TOEFL iBT tips and strategies part 2 (TOEFL Blog 2)-

Note taking 
Just like in a college classroom, you will be allowed to take notes on what you hear and read during the test and then use your notes when answering the questions.

On the iBT, the Writing test is 50 minutes and consists of two tasks. For one task, you write independently for 30 minutes to support an opinion on a topic. For the other task, you write for 20 minutes in response to things you hear and read. You need to be able to type on a keyboard to enter your written responses.

During the Listening test, which runs from 60 to 90 minutes, you answer sets of 5 or 6 questions that are based on lectures and conversations, each of which lasts from three to five minutes. You will hear more than one native English accent.

During the Speaking test, you will spend 20 minutes responding to six tasks. With each task, you will have a short time to organize your thoughts before responding. Two tasks will require you to talk about a familiar topic. Four other tasks will be "integrated," asking you to speak in response to things you have heard and read.

You will receive a glossary that will define certain key words in the Reading test. The test lasts for 60 to 100 minutes. You will be presented with three, four, or five passages from academic books and will answer 12 to 14 questions that are based on each of the passages.