-TOEFL Reading Strategies-

When preparing for TOEFL exam, there are few strategies that we use in order to enhance our performance and they are basically very simple.

Below we will go through some of them:

1: When it comes to the reading section of TOEFL exam, the most important strategy is to pay attention to headlines and understand them because headline by itself gives you enough information to understand what article is about.


2: Two techniques are used at the reading section:

Skipping is the first technique you must use to skip through the article.

Read the first sentence then skip the second sentence and repeat the same procedure until you are done with the article.

Scanning comes after skipping and it is used while going through the questions.

When trying to answer questions, if you are not sure about the answer, you can use scanning to find the answer and also make good use of your time.

By using these techniques, you can profoundly increase your performance.

3: It is okay to guess about an answer. Most articles that you will encounter on the TOEFL exam are based on facts and sometimes you may already have some information about them therefore if you are not sure about an answer go ahead and make a guess.

4: Pay attention to contents of the questions and make sure you understand what the question wants.

5: Keep calm and don’t rush thinking that “my time is about to be over”. The more relaxed approach you have toward this, better and more accurate you will be.

Good Luck smiley