-TOEFL Speaking Strategies-

When preparing for TOEFL exam, there are few strategies that we use in order to enhance our performance and they are basically very simple.

Below we will go through some of them:

1: Understand the question and find out what exactly the question wants from you and only answer the question, not more.

Remember if the question asks you to give forth your opinion about something, then you only need to give your opinion.

If the question wants others’ opinion then of course avoid stating your opinion because if you do, then your response would be considered wrong.


2: Organize your speech like a mini essay

•          Introduction

•          Body

•          Conclusion

3: If you can comprehend with the question, it’s still better to say something rather then keeping quiet so definitely say something

4: Use G+TIC method to give forth your answer

•          G stands for general opinion

•          T stands for transition

•          I stand for illustration

•          And finally C is your conclusion


5: Finally feel good about your English as it boosts your confidence and speaking with confidence is of course a vital importance at the TOEFL exam.