-Travel Crossword-


1. The train stops at here.

5. The people who labor on a ship, or on a plane.

7. To void; to discontinue a booking or a scheduled voyage.

10. You can pass the Aisle by boat..... through the underground way.

11. Stop.

13. A reservation, a warranted location.

15. Baggage.


16. Part of a trip.

19. Individual taking a trip on holiday.

24. On the contrary of "finish".

25. Your direction should be.......on your booking form.

26. Lobby, or ante-room.


2. He/She trades holidays.

3. You require them before you board the plane.

4. to be the owner of.

5. This train is for Edinburgh.......at York and Newcastle.

6. Just as you're on holiday, other people are at.......

8. A flight which isn't on a regular service, however perhaps a tour operator has been hired it.

9. Probably you do this differently on holiday.

12. We are going........Belgium.

14. Visitors who are staying in your house, perhaps.

17. A place where tourists generally stay the night. 

18. Utilization of soap and water.

20. She is going to.......with her parents for two weeks next summer.

21. A nice faded bronze colour on your derm.

                                   23. The converse of night.