-Using online media as a tool for TOEFL exam preparations-

The question I get asked almost all the time is ''how can I prepare myself for the TOEFL without taking any expensive books or private lessons?''

First of all, TOEFL in many cases does not even need private lessons or fancy books, it is just about getting your mindset and your overall English ready to solve problems that are presented in front of you at the exam. Yes, TOEFL is an exam, and the commitee wishes to see how well you can do exams equally as how well you can understand what are you doing. Using social media and the blessings of 21st century inventions like the internet, you can do your own bit of study in free time.

- TOEFL Reading - TOEFL Reading

One of the easiest things to prepare is the reading section. You are reading this article in English language, which in my opinion is an averagely upper-intermediate article, with a simplified explanation of things is a good start. Reading newspaper websites like CNN and BBC are great examples. However, I believe that one of the best websites to improve your reading skills is the Wikipedia - the English one of course. The articles are quite well written and academically challenging, and often succeed the ones from TOEFL in difficulty terms.

- TOEFL Listening - TOEFL Listening

Youtube channels like the ''TED-eD'' and ''The School of Life'' are excellent choices in trying to improve and hone your listening skills. When trying to listen to articles, have a notebook and a pencil by your side to take short notes on which you can look upon later on and more easily understand the summary of the video you just watched.

In regards to the speaking and writing sections, these are less dependant on online media than the other two I just explained about. Practic English 

You can practice these in a different way; hopefully I will be giving more details in my next post, until then, try to use the advices I presented to you to the fullest.


Good luck!