Best Ways to Practice Listening Skills

Listening has always been challenging for English learners. Since there are numerous English accents, it makes it harder to get your ear used to distinct articulations. However, fortunately, due to the development of technology, there are available ways to work on improving your listening skills. Some of the ways include: 


  1. Study a little bit at a time. 
    Your goal is to enjoy learning something new, therefore, forcing yourself wouldn't help you. Go slowly but surely.

  2. Listen to the same English podcast every day for a week. 
    Listening to something familiar brings up your concentration and you enable yourself to focus on details and not only overall communication. 

  3. Overhear an English conversation.
    Expose yourself to people who speak English as much as you can whether it would be a live conversation or just a YouTube video. 

  4. Read and listen at the same time.
    Watching movies in English and reading English subtitles helps you to catch the words that you would usually miss while only listening. Thus, reading and listening simultaneously assist your better understanding and learning of new words. 

  5. Experiment with different accents. 
    Being able to speak with different people helps you to get used to different accents. As there are numberless English accents in this world, you have to be prepared to understand non-native English speakers too. It wouldn't be easy to comprehend Russian English speakers as you would usually understand typical American English. 

  6. Listen as you sleep.
    Listening before going to sleep acquaints your brain with the English language quickly and trains your brain unconsciously to understand English easier. 


Learning any foreign language doesn't happen overnight. It insists on dedication, hard work, and interest. Therefore, going step by step helps to learn English without feeling intense and under pressure. You have to enjoy learning in order to learn it fully. 

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