Do You Know Your Colors?

Unscramble the letters to get a list of colors. Then see if you can find out which color is related to which clue in the crossword puzzle.

rongae                 egner                   pulepr                  hitew                    rde                        kipn

kabcl                     yoelwl                  eubl                      brnwo


2. the sea, the sky, and blueberries are this color

3. carrots, pumpkins, and tigers are this color

5. the sun, corn, and bananas are this color

6. pigs, cotton candy, and flamingos are this color

7. crabs, apples, and strawberries are this color

8. bats, crows, and olives are this color


1. bones, polar bears, and snow are this color

2. coffee, mud, and chocolate are this color

4. frogs, leaves, and watermelons are this color

6. eggplants, lavender, and grapes are this color