Instagram for Learning English 2

We have new pages for you to learn English through a very common social media platform Instagram. By using this platform, you can get so much information in a short time constantly. You can be exposed to new words in a second and you can learn those words without realizing. This is the best way to learn a new language. Making yourself expose to it in every possible way and then you will acquire it faster. Now that you see that this method can be useful, let’s look at the recommendation of some pages on Instagram.

1) ViaExperience

This Instagram page is about traveling. The page has lots of pictures around the world. You can see a special comment under every picture which will teach you a piece of new information about that place and new words in English. Viaexperience can be a relaxing page to follow as you see the beauty around the world. Moreover, you can get a new idea of where to go for your next vacation. It is also good to read the comments under these pictures to learn more from native people and if you want, you can also write your comment and get in touch with native people through Instagram. This is the link, you can visit the page:

2) Doodle for Food

This page is especially good for animal lovers. The animator is drawing cute animals, mostly dogs, for the main characters of her comics. She also has a unique sense of humor that you will be smiling at whenever you see her comics. Another fact about her comics is that she draws dogs and makes them act like a human. She shows how interesting and cute it will be if the dogs are doing what we are doing in real life. You can see the comedy in her comics and she posts on Instagram quite frequently. So you can come across her comics suddenly as a nice surprise and this will make your day. If you are curious, you can use this link:

3) Dami Lee

This Instagram page is about a Korean woman making comics about her daily life. She can interpret normal things in an interesting way that you will be amazed by her perspective on life. She also shares things about her culture so you can also learn about a different culture. The comics are easy to understand for everyone. Drawings are also a clue about the words so you can even understand what’s the topic from the drawings. You will find the animator cute and you will want to see more of her comics. Thankfully, she also shares comics regularly so this can be a good page to follow if you want to read her content constantly. I also like the way she draws and the colors she chooses. You may check out her Instagram page with this link: