Learning English by Using Instagram

Instagram is an app you can use to share pictures of yourself and you can also see what others share. It is a visual app which your eyes can have a feast. Due to this quality, Instagram is getting more popular. People from all ages and nationalities are using Instagram all the time. If you are one of them, why don’t you use it for learning another language as well?

In this blog, we will introduce you some Instagram pages that tell you some stories with cute and beautiful drawings. A story gets even better if there is supporting pictures. Therefore, we recommend you to follow these pages and more so that you can learn English and get an understanding of English sense of humor.


1) fowllanguagecomics

This Instagram page is especially good for family members because the animator is talking about family issues in his comics. The characters are ducks instead of human but the problems are the same. We recommend this page as it has amazing drawings and you can emphasize with the writer even though you don’t have children. The humor of the writer shows us that normal things in life can actually be funny depending on your perspective. The page isn’t just about family issues but also about being an adult and the weird things we all do.

You can check out his page to understand whether you will like it or not.



2) factbolt

Instagram doesn’t just have to be about fun and pictures. If you are someone that likes to learn a new thing, you can check out this page as well. This Instagram page is about interesting facts you probably don’t know before. The language can be a bit advance but it can be good to learn sophisticated words in a different way. It also shares posts about interesting special days so you may enjoy that as well.

You can check out for more:



3) randowis

This page is all about humor and the writer is a unique person for sure. You can see such incredible face expressions that can make anything funny. The comics can be long or short but they will surely get your attention with the lively colors. You can understand from the posts that the animator really tries his best to deliver good comics for you. If you are an adult, you can enjoy these comics more. If you are a cat lover, you will definitely find it funny how the main character interacts with his cat. Their relationship is like a fun rollercoaster that you don’t know what will happen next.

Make sure you look at this page and follow it if it suits your taste.


These are our recommendation but you can always search for more as there are endless pages on Instagram. It might take some time to find the right ones but once you find them, they can teach you a lot of things. If you don’t want to be passive, you can comment under this Instagram posts and interactive with other followers as well. Because this pages are English, it can be difficult to understand every joke. However, you can always comment under these posts and may be writer itself can answer your questions! If not, I’m sure someone else will explain to you patiently and you will take one more step to reach advance level in English.