Tips On How To Succeed On The TOEFL Reading Exam

1. Study grammar in context, not by itself. Your knowledge of grammar is useful in helping you understand the readings and lectures, not in answering grammar-specific questions.

2. Try to understand a reading as a whole. Unlike earlier versions of the TOEFL, the new version tests whether you can see how ideas interact in a longer reading.

3. Build up your academic vocabulary. Your ability to comprehend reading passages rests largely on your academic vocabulary. Build your vocabulary by reading, making flash cards, and writing sentences using new words in context. A strong vocabulary will help you not only in your reading comprehension, but also in listening, writing, and speaking.

4. Commit your attention to the test. Some of the topics covered in the test may not actually interest you. Still, your focused energy will improve your test score. Agree with yourself not to think about other topics during the test. Force yourself to keep your attention on the tested material.