Would You Say 'I Do' to These Unusual Wedding Traditions?

While weddings may be a cause for celebration everywhere, not all cultures celebrate marriage in the same way. Here are some wedding traditions from around the world that might make you think twice before saying, "I do!"

France: "Le Pot de Chambre" / "La Soupe"

Although France is famous for its food, this traditional wedding "soup" is not likely to be on any popular menu. Made by wedding guests from leftover food and drink from the wedding, the soup would be served to the new couple in a chamber pot — a traditional bedroom toilet.

It was thought that the soup gave the couple energy. However, today the soup is more likely to be a mixture of champagne and chocolate — in a new pot.

South Korea: Beating the groom's feet

Even after saying, "I do," some South Korean grooms cannot leave the wedding until they have completed one last test: the beating of their feet. Using sticks, or sometimes even fish, the groom's friends will hit his feet while asking him questions to test his strength and memory before he starts his new life as a married man.

Kenya: Spitting on the bride

It is traditional during weddings of Maasai people in Kenya for the father of the bride to spit on his daughter. While this would be very rude in other cultures, for the Maasai, spitting is a sign of respect, and it is used to wish someone good luck.

Spitting is also used to protect Maasai babies from bad luck when they are born.