How to Write a Simple Biography

One of the most common pieces of writing students come across is BIOGRAPHIES. Most of the time they struggle to write it. This might be true but as long as the students have not got a clear image of how biography is written they tend to fail. What is it to be done? It is easy. We have to follow simple rules and easy tricks to successfully write one.

First of all, when we write biographies, we present the events in chronological order. This helps the reader follow the biography better. We don’t necessarily have to be experts in writing long and very detailed biographies. We can keep it simple, well structured, and easily understood by all. This way all readers, regardless of their English level, elementary, intermediate, or above can grasp the information and elaborate effectively.

It is important to always write using paragraphs. But how can we provide a short biography?  Follow a plan. Yeeesss, a plan! Following a plan allows us to better organize our ideas.

PARAGRAPH 1: Name, when/where born

PARAGRAPH 2: Early years (at the age of….., When he/she was….)

PARAGRAPH 3: Achievements; later years; date/place he/she died (if he/she is dead)

PARAGRAPH 4: Your feelings, comments (…was great…)

Secondly, we can write a biography of a famous person who doesn’t live anymore or is still alive giving facts about his/her life from different sources. We have to be careful with plagiarism. Even though we have to do research work it is a must not exceed more than 3% of the source. This is obligatory, especially for university students.

Furthermore, school children can follow such steps to write a biography without spending a lot of time or getting stressed about not doing it properly.